Senator Edward Kennedy – The passing of an Extraordinary Leader

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Senator Edward Kennedy

 Last week our family lost a personal friend and mentor.  I  waited  by the phone  to  be told when I could come and say my goodbyes  as she  succumbed to her  battle with cancer.  It wasn’t easy to see her body so small and frail in her final hours, she had been a tower of strength an educator and mother to so many.   I returned from her wake to be greeted by the news that the nation had lost one of their favorite Senators.   Senator Edward Kennedy passed on August 25th 2009.

The youngest child of the Kennedy dynasty had also  lost his personal battle to cancer,  but he had died peacefully at his home at Hyannis Port  at the age of 77 and  not like his older brothers President John F. Kenney and Bobby Kennedy whose lives were taken much too early and so violently.  

Beyond his political career as a Senator who acted on his word and got things done.   He became the patriarch of the Kennedy clan.  He was a father, grandfather, husband, uncle, lawyer,legislator, civil rights leader and health reform activist, author and earlier this year he was honored a Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

Senator Kennedy was the central figure  of the Kennedy family, he walked his niece Carolyn down the aisle in the absence of her slain father – he had become everyone’s right arm.  Jackie Kennedy wrote a note to him which best depicted  his role in the family. The letter read, “There have been 17 children besides your own – Bobby’s, Pat’s, Jack’s and mine, for whom you have always been there. Every graduation, every big decision, every trouble, every sad and even every happy day. On you, the carefree youngest brother, fell a burden a hero would beg to be spared. Sick parents, lost children, desolate wives. You are a hero. Everyone is going to make it, because you are always there with your love. Jackie.”

What made Senator Edward Kennedy Tick?

The right slant of his writing shows that he was a responsive man totally ruled by his heart. 

The height of his letters expresses his high level of ethics and morals. The long letter y shows is energy and determination.    The straight long stroke determines that although he was friendly really enjoyed hours alone enjoying his own company.

Senator Kennedy had an analytical mind he  needed to know  “why”   to each question and every statement  and never accepted anything at face value.  The long loops show us his ability to conceptualize ideas and to follow through and make them happen.

The spacing between his letters tells us he was an intuitive man who often made a decision based on a gut feeling.  The base line of his signature tells us he was a flexible person who could run with the wolfs and change course at any time.

 Senator Edward Kennedy lived a full life through his many personal tragedies:  the assassination of two brothers, the unfortunate Chappaquiddick Incident that mushroomed into a pubic scandal, that probably lost him the chance of ever becoming president, his young son diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 12, his nephew John John , wife and sister-in-law died in a plane crash and most recently the loss of his sister Eunice Shirver.   He has championed  numerous causes for so many others, through civil rights and health reform and triumphed.

Last year May he suffered what was at first the doctors considered, a stroke which turned out to be a brain tumor.    He underwent surgery and chemotherapy and was well enough to endorse a young Senator Barack Obama at the Democratic convention in Denver.   A year ago to the day of his death – Senator Kennedy took the stage and announced “I have come here tonight to stand with you, to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States of America.”

It was only fitting that President Obama delivered the Eulogy at the funeral. Where he said “this was a passing of an extraordinary Leader”.    Senator Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington cemetery alongside his brother President John F. Kennedy and Senator Bobby Kennedy.

Of the last nine children of Jack and Rose Kennedy only one child remains Jean Kennedy Smith.


Usain Bolt – lightning strikes in Berlin

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Usain3I lived in Germany many moons ago as part of a student exchange program.   That experience  was one of the best years of my life.  On one of our assignments  our group travelled to Berlin  –   the Wall was still up then.

On  the other side of the Wall,  in East Berlin, the city was grim and foods in the store fronts were sparse and uninviting but it was a trip that I will never forget.

2009 – Berlin cheers the name of my fellow Jamaican, Usain Bolt, as he sprints to the finish line leaving Asfa Powell and Tyson Gay behind him in the 100 meter race.   Beating his own world record a year later.   His new world record – 9.58.  Unbelievable!!

It is sheer magic to watch him.    He follows in the footsteps of the great Jesse Owens, who shattered records in Berlin in 1936.

I had Usain Bolt’s  signature since 2003;  I decided to save it because I saw greatness then.  Lightening struck three times in China last year – first he speed down the track in the 100m on August 16, lowering his own score from excitement when he slowed down, banging his chest before he hit the tape.  Then in the 200 metres he bolted down the track and broke Michael Johnson’s 12 year old record in the process,  stunning the crowd and a baffled Michael Johnson.  Saving the best for last – Bolt turned the  bend in the third left lane  of the 4 x 100 men’s relay and passed the baton to our former world champion Asafa Powell who sped to the finish line bringing  us home yet another gold.

This year in Berlin he also broke the 200 meter record. His new world record is 19.19 seconds.

So What Makes Usain Bolt Tick?

The formation of the letter U shows that he is a complete diplomat the second part of the top of the U is higher than the first part.  The size of the letter U being bigger than the family name Bolt shows he is a person with a good level of self assuredness.  (Not to be confused or interpreted as egotistic.)  Egotism uses much bigger letters and out of line with the rest of the signature.

Usain is truly a bolt of lightning –  the way he circles his family name expresses a person who is a great protector.  Caring, concerned and a true team player.  The two stems in the letter t demonstrate an individual that is determined and resolute and once his mind is set, it is hard to change it.  The t bar tells us two things – the height of the t bar shows he is goal oriented and the length of the t bar which crosses his entire name shows  his leadership ability and his unwavering enthusiasm.  The t bar has a slight bow in the bend of its formation which demonstrates his high level of discipline.  His flexibility to adjust to all situations is evident in the rhythm of his signature. The  simple  formation  of the letter U demonstrates a person who is direct and to the point with no hidden agenda.  The size of his signature gives evidence of a generous spirit and is a sign of an exceptional individual.

The mayor of Berlin honored him with a piece of the Berlin Wall or should I say 12 ft of it.   Watch out London, 2012. I plan to be there  to watch another   Bolt of lightening!!!

Usain Bolt was  5th runner up  in Time magazine 2009  Persons of the year.   Read  this fabulous  article about the fastest man in the world by Sean Gregory of Time Magazine. December 16 2009

What Made Michael Jackson Tick

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MichaelJacksonSignatureIt is really difficult to come to terms with the death of Michael Jackson.  I don’t think  it really registered  in my brain until  Tuesday  July 7th  when I saw the  golden casket.  My tears flowed as if I had lost my own brother.  Michael Jackson was and will always be a global icon.

The legacy of  this musical genius, the gloved hand, the glittered socks and short pants, the crotch holding, pelvic pushing, spinning, high note singing, Grammy Award winning, musical Messiah, magnetized millions, marched across many boundaries paving the way for 21st century artists such as Ne-yo, Usher, Chris Brown and many more.

This gifted manchild who became a child-like man blended music genres like no other.   A pioneer, humanitarian, trailblazer, transformer, songwriter,  moonwalking, innovator Thrilled the world for years, Dangerously under the unforgiving microscope of the media.

Happy Release My Young Brother you are truly in a better place.   I have seen Michael’s signature on several documents and over the years I have included his signature in some of my presentations.  Over the past three weeks the media has discussed him from every possible angle.

Well here I am – bringing another light to this brilliant star.

What Made Michael Tick?

His signature reveals that the initial stroke of the letter M is smaller than the second part of the letter m formation, which emphasizes his self conscious nature.   His signature slants to the left which expresses his emotions are often in the past.  (Left slant handwriting is a sign that an individual has unresolved issues from former years that still trouble them in the present.)   People who have left slant handwriting have nothing to do with whether they are left or right handed.  Handwriting is a brain signal.

The capital letters in both names Michael and Jackson are three times larger than the rest of the letters in his name.  The larger capital M expresses his self-image and pride and the larger letter J represents his love for family.  The large loop of the letter l circles and overlaps into the other letters demonstrating his protective nature.    The first and last name connecting shows that he is closely joined to himself and family and does not care for any separation.  (It is often noted that he did not like to be away from his three children; they went everywhere with him).

The sharp points of the letters M and the final letter N express his sharp quick mind – he was an astute business man.  (Still so difficult to refer to him in the past tense as I write this).

The down strokes in the letters M, the loop in the letter  J and the final letter l comes way below the baseline, showing his level of determination and energy.  The star at the end of his name expresses clearly the star quality he truly possessed.

On June 25th we experienced a sudden pause – but the beat, the rhythm, energy and spirit of Michael Jackson will live in our hearts forever – Long live the King of Pop.

Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-coo-sa, Yehee!!!

Introducing Reading Your Writes

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Reading your Writes  –

I have been a handwriting consultant for 20 years and I love, love, love what I do.   I have been writing a handwriting column for almost nine years; “Reading Your Writes” profiling signatures of  the famous and sometimes the infamous.

I love, love what I do. OK, so I said that already  but I do!!!    The Science of Handwriting is  fascinating.  I hope to share with you many of these profiles  which are both fun and factual.

I am excited about starting this journal. My book “Finding Mr. Write” caused a big stir several years ago so I hope to do the same with this blog.

Watch this space ……