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Usain Bolt – lightning strikes in Berlin

Posted in Celebrity signatures, Graphology, Handwriting expert on August 29, 2009 by readingyourwrites

Usain3I lived in Germany many moons ago as part of a student exchange program.   That experience  was one of the best years of my life.  On one of our assignments  our group travelled to Berlin  –   the Wall was still up then.

On  the other side of the Wall,  in East Berlin, the city was grim and foods in the store fronts were sparse and uninviting but it was a trip that I will never forget.

2009 – Berlin cheers the name of my fellow Jamaican, Usain Bolt, as he sprints to the finish line leaving Asfa Powell and Tyson Gay behind him in the 100 meter race.   Beating his own world record a year later.   His new world record – 9.58.  Unbelievable!!

It is sheer magic to watch him.    He follows in the footsteps of the great Jesse Owens, who shattered records in Berlin in 1936.

I had Usain Bolt’s  signature since 2003;  I decided to save it because I saw greatness then.  Lightening struck three times in China last year – first he speed down the track in the 100m on August 16, lowering his own score from excitement when he slowed down, banging his chest before he hit the tape.  Then in the 200 metres he bolted down the track and broke Michael Johnson’s 12 year old record in the process,  stunning the crowd and a baffled Michael Johnson.  Saving the best for last – Bolt turned the  bend in the third left lane  of the 4 x 100 men’s relay and passed the baton to our former world champion Asafa Powell who sped to the finish line bringing  us home yet another gold.

This year in Berlin he also broke the 200 meter record. His new world record is 19.19 seconds.

So What Makes Usain Bolt Tick?

The formation of the letter U shows that he is a complete diplomat the second part of the top of the U is higher than the first part.  The size of the letter U being bigger than the family name Bolt shows he is a person with a good level of self assuredness.  (Not to be confused or interpreted as egotistic.)  Egotism uses much bigger letters and out of line with the rest of the signature.

Usain is truly a bolt of lightning –  the way he circles his family name expresses a person who is a great protector.  Caring, concerned and a true team player.  The two stems in the letter t demonstrate an individual that is determined and resolute and once his mind is set, it is hard to change it.  The t bar tells us two things – the height of the t bar shows he is goal oriented and the length of the t bar which crosses his entire name shows  his leadership ability and his unwavering enthusiasm.  The t bar has a slight bow in the bend of its formation which demonstrates his high level of discipline.  His flexibility to adjust to all situations is evident in the rhythm of his signature. The  simple  formation  of the letter U demonstrates a person who is direct and to the point with no hidden agenda.  The size of his signature gives evidence of a generous spirit and is a sign of an exceptional individual.

The mayor of Berlin honored him with a piece of the Berlin Wall or should I say 12 ft of it.   Watch out London, 2012. I plan to be there  to watch another   Bolt of lightening!!!

Usain Bolt was  5th runner up  in Time magazine 2009  Persons of the year.   Read  this fabulous  article about the fastest man in the world by Sean Gregory of Time Magazine. December 16 2009