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National Handwriting Week- January 23rd – 30th

Posted in Graphologist, Handwriting, Handwriting expert on January 24, 2010 by readingyourwrites

OMG  –  I cannot believe I let yesterday slip by and I did not honor National Handwriting Day!!  How can I have a handwriting blog and not celebrate such an important day?  It is actually John Hancock’s birthday too.  Anyway the extravagant side of  my personality tells me to extend the day to a week.  So  celebrate with me the power of  the pen.

Go out and treat yourself to a new writing instrument  –  the Montblanc pens are my favorite,    or buy some fancy stationery there is plenty out there.  Write a little note to someone very special, Don’t wait until Valentine’s day, or if you have not had a chance to read my book on handwriting signed copies are available on my website

Ok,  let me know what takes your fancy from my suggestions above.   All this hype  about new  technology –  let’s do the write thing and keep the art of handwriting alive.