Beverley East – Handwriting Expert

Beverley East is a leading authority  in handwriting and has practiced  the science of Forensic Document Examination for over twenty years.  She holds a Communications Degree and a Masters in Graphology.  She was honored by Flori Roberts Cosmetics in 2002 as the only woman of color – in the world – to be disciplined and qualified in both areas of handwriting expertise

Ms. East has worked in the private and public sector of  personnel management for more than 14 years for both British and US corporations.   She is the author of the best-selling book “Finding Mr. Write – A New Slant on Selecting the Perfect Mate.”   USA Today listed it as a best summer read.    She is a frequent guest on major television networks including Good Morning America and MSNBC Homepage  (both interviews can be viewed on her website –

Her opinion has been requested by the media on landmark cases including Monica Lewinsky, Jon Benet Ramsey, the Anthrax letters, and the DC Sniper.

Her debut novel, “Reaper of Souls”, based on the 1957 Kendal train crash in Jamaica  was released in  September, 2007.


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