The Royal Couple – Prince William and Catherine Middleton

The Royal Couple  – What Makes them tick?

The last time I was this excited about a wedding was August last year when my young cousin

Tied the knot in  swank affair on a massive Estate on the outskirts of London.  She is named after an African Queen and the whole affair was just magical.   


A year later, although not related in any way to the Royal couple I am equally excited.  I  just love weddings.  I was also a big fan of the late Princess Diana, so to see her eldest son all grown up and getting married warms the cockles of my heart.

 So what makes this beautiful couple tick???


What you see is what you get no hidden agenda   Kate’s clear legible script tells us so.

She is ruled by her heart, her signature slants to the right.   A complete optimist the upward t bar tells us so.

An analytical thinker is evident in the formations of her letters n and M.

A good listener her open e demonstrate this.

But she loves to have the last word.  The period at the end of her name shows this.  So watch out William your Princess is no pushover.


Logical practical person who is ruled by his head his vertical signature demonstrates this.

William is Loyal the full stops over his I stems, tells us so.

The Prince is a Quick Thinker and the eligibility of the final letters of the name shows quickness of the mind.

His mother probably taught him to be self reliant; the final letters crossing underneath the name expresses this.

He often makes a decision based on a gut feeling, he is extremely intuitive.  The spacing between letters is clear evidence

A total diplomat whether genetic or otherwise is expressed by the slightly different height of both l’s

Wishing them both an abundance of  Joy and Happiness in your Marriage.   Good Luck!!!


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