What Makes Sapphire – (Author of Precious) Tick?

What Makes Sapphire Tick?

I can truly say “I knew her ‘When’”.  It was March 8th 1997  when  I had the privilege to meet Sapphire in London ,  we share the stage  at the International Women’s conference “In Celebration of my Sisters”    when her book PUSH had just been released.  Yes  I was there at the introduction to this  powerful little book and here we are now  14 years later  almost  exactly to the date.  Her  novel   Push became  Precious and   Precious became an awarding major motion picture.   On March 7th  Our beloved Monique took  home the Oscar for best supporting Actress, While  newcomer Gabourey Sidibe  was nominated   Best Actress, along with legendary actresses such Dame Helen Miriam, Myrle Streep, and Sandra Bullock – who actually won for her role in the Blindside. 

I don’t know about you but I have lost count how many awards the movie Precious has garnered.   There were so many , the SAG Awards, The Golden Globes, BAFTA, six at the NAACP Image Award and won in every category at the Spirit Awards.  It definitely takes several years to become an overnight success and the Big S for Sapphire is finally here.  A thousand Congratulations to you all!!!

 So What Makes Sapphire Tick?

The right slant of her signature tells us that she is ruled by her heart.  The loops in the p’s suggests that she is the type of person that gets restless easily if she is stuck behind a desk all day.

The spacing between  her  letters tells us she has an intuitive spirit and often makes decisions based on a gut feeling.  The dot above  the I stem demonstrates a person who stands by her word. 

The hook inside the letter a expresses a person who is cautious and reveals information on “a need to know basis.”

The celebrated author of Push –  Sapphire was born Ramona Lofton and moved around military bases for the first t twelve years of her life from  California to Texas.  As a teenager she lived in South Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  She graduated from City College  in New York and received an MFA from Brooklyn College.  For ten years she lived in Harlem where she taught reading and writing to teenagers and adults.  Sapphire is a performance poet and the author of a collection of poetry and prose, American Dreams.  She lives in New York City.

Fourteen years ago her book Push was sold on the strength of her first 60 pages and there was buzz then of a movie deal. Push is  also the Winner of the Grand Hury Prize and the Audience Aware Sundance Film Festival.

Although this story is not Sapphires’  life story many women walk silently as victims of sexual abuse. We celebrate them as victors and not victims.  For all the Precious souls whose lives have been changed through this experience – Walk with pride and courage.   Congratulations once again Sapphire!!


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