Michelle Obama

Since the new year started I have been wondering who  should I  begin with.   Should it be Muhammad Ali, should it be our President Barrack Obama or should it be our Haitian Ambassador Wycelf Jean?  It occured to me that since I started my blog last July I have only profiled men.  It was not intentional but that just seemed to be the flow of “Reading Your Writes”:  Michael Jackson, Teddy Kennedy, Usain Bolt, and Tiger Woods.  All great in their individual way but let me correct it.  Who better to start  the new year  with  other than the fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama.

From head to toe she is just an shinning specimen of  beauty.  Eyes, Arms,  Hands and Thighs  She turned the fashion world upside down  and has become a fashion icon – making simple accessories such as the  boring belt, a normal sweater and pins the new fashion statement.  She turned heads and caused a stir while in London when meeting the Queen.   The Queen so excited to meet her,  “touched her”  first.  Mrs.  Obama has turned the White House into the people’s house.  I expect to get my invitation at some point,  so I m not worried in the least that I have not met her yet.

What Makes the First Lady tick?

First Lady Michelle Obama is Confident – the large M tells us so.   The handwriting slanting to the right demonstrates that she is ruled by her heart and not her head.    The spacing between her letters  expresses that  she is a generous person who needs her own space.  The I dot close to the stem tells us that   she has a good eye for detail and is a very loyal individual.     She   is an  analytical thinker  who needs to know why to each question.  For every statement presented to her  –  her mind is ticking away at the problem and how to solve it.  She is a Doer!!!  But most  often she doesn’t  need to have all facts  she can  often make  a decision based on her gut feeling,  she is extremely intuitive.    The legible signature expresses  –  What you see is what you get.    No hidden agenda with this First Lady.  She will be direct, open and a person of integrity.

Mrs. Obama came from humble beginnings and was raised in the South Side of Chicago with her older brother Craig Robinson.  She is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard law School.     On January 17th she celebrated her 46th birthday.  This time last year she stood with pride beside   the 44th president of the United States as he was being sworn in. 

 Michelle Obama is such an accomplished lady that  this blog cannot do her justice.   I am sure there will be a mountain of  books written about her in years to come. I just wanted to introduce her from another perspective.    She is the new “It” Girl”  on the front of almost every magazine as if she is a model.   She is a model person and I personally call her the “S” girl.  Substance,  Style and Stunning.

In the meantime indulge  and watch the First Lady and the President of the United States of America take their first dance at  the  Neighborhood Inauguration Ball  last year– Just Google:  “U-Tube -First Dance – At last”.  And you can relive that  first dance .   

Be prepared to be inspired, informed and intrigued –    2010 is going to be one hell of a year –  I promise you


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