What Makes Tiger Tick?

What Makes Tiger Tick???      

I am sorry I have been so delinquent with my blog. I know you are waiting to see who I may reveal next. I have so many signatures to share with you and I promise to do better in the New Year. However, I could not resist closing the year with someone fabulous, fantastic and  fascinating and all of a sudden whose personal life has become fodder for the media.

Ok as if you haven’t read and heard enough about Tiger Woods these past few weeks. Here is a fresh Approach – Another slant of his personality through his pen stroke and not his putt. This is no duplication, no speculation  No  words of  more women coming out of the wood  works – just good old fashion scientific facts. Only what I see beneath my microscope will be revealed.

What makes Tiger Tick??
Tiger has very small handwriting. The biggest misconception about small handwriting is that it reveals stinginess or low self-esteem. – Totally wrong – quite the contrary. Small handwriting in fact, tells us that individuals such as Tiger Woods posses a very high level on concentration. He is both intense and highly productive.
His handwriting slants to the right which expresses he is a ‘heart’ man, he is ruled totally by his emotions. He may give off this cool and aloof exterior of a logical practical person but he is all heart and his emotions run deep inside. The I dot shows that he has a good eye for detail.  The t bar crossed at the top and upwards tells us he is highly goal orientated and a complete optimist.  The illegible signature expresses he plays his cards close to his chest only a few will really know and understand  the true Tiger. The long lower loop in the letter demonstrates  his high level of energy and stamina.

The upper slender loop in the d defines a man who is extremely sensitive to criticism. The circled W shows he is very protective of the people around him. The loop in the middle of the  W warns us that behind the calm exterior he has a tendency to worry more than is necessary. I always wondered what this worry loop was in this billion dollar signature. – He really has plenty to worry about at the moment.
On December 16th Tiger Woods was voted Athlete of the Decade. He received more votes than Lance Armstrong who came in second. Tiger Woods has won 64 worldwide victories and more PGA tour titles in the past decade. This four-time Master holder, 3 times US Open and 4 times PGA winner has taken the game of Golf to a new whole new level. Having won at the early age of 21 he has given the sport a new and improved look by bridging the generation gap. No longer is the game of Golf just part of the old boy network.

However, he is a Master in disguise and tried to juggle too many balls at once. He has suddenly bounced out of the game taking the backdoor approach .  He should  really just come clean and face the music and play the field that he knows and loves so well. Tiger your salacious scandal will soon sink into oblivion – Don’t worry the public has a short memory. I am sure Tiger will get his groove back and come out swinging – so you made a slip or two or three…  but whose counting??  but really no one wants a player who withdraws too soon.  I know for sure he’ll be back a bigger better  billion dollar athlete – a renewed  Tiger Woods – Stick with what you know best – Your signature style as an exceptional Golfer!!!


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