What Made Michael Jackson Tick

MichaelJacksonSignatureIt is really difficult to come to terms with the death of Michael Jackson.  I don’t think  it really registered  in my brain until  Tuesday  July 7th  when I saw the  golden casket.  My tears flowed as if I had lost my own brother.  Michael Jackson was and will always be a global icon.

The legacy of  this musical genius, the gloved hand, the glittered socks and short pants, the crotch holding, pelvic pushing, spinning, high note singing, Grammy Award winning, musical Messiah, magnetized millions, marched across many boundaries paving the way for 21st century artists such as Ne-yo, Usher, Chris Brown and many more.

This gifted manchild who became a child-like man blended music genres like no other.   A pioneer, humanitarian, trailblazer, transformer, songwriter,  moonwalking, innovator Thrilled the world for years, Dangerously under the unforgiving microscope of the media.

Happy Release My Young Brother you are truly in a better place.   I have seen Michael’s signature on several documents and over the years I have included his signature in some of my presentations.  Over the past three weeks the media has discussed him from every possible angle.

Well here I am – bringing another light to this brilliant star.

What Made Michael Tick?

His signature reveals that the initial stroke of the letter M is smaller than the second part of the letter m formation, which emphasizes his self conscious nature.   His signature slants to the left which expresses his emotions are often in the past.  (Left slant handwriting is a sign that an individual has unresolved issues from former years that still trouble them in the present.)   People who have left slant handwriting have nothing to do with whether they are left or right handed.  Handwriting is a brain signal.

The capital letters in both names Michael and Jackson are three times larger than the rest of the letters in his name.  The larger capital M expresses his self-image and pride and the larger letter J represents his love for family.  The large loop of the letter l circles and overlaps into the other letters demonstrating his protective nature.    The first and last name connecting shows that he is closely joined to himself and family and does not care for any separation.  (It is often noted that he did not like to be away from his three children; they went everywhere with him).

The sharp points of the letters M and the final letter N express his sharp quick mind – he was an astute business man.  (Still so difficult to refer to him in the past tense as I write this).

The down strokes in the letters M, the loop in the letter  J and the final letter l comes way below the baseline, showing his level of determination and energy.  The star at the end of his name expresses clearly the star quality he truly possessed.

On June 25th we experienced a sudden pause – but the beat, the rhythm, energy and spirit of Michael Jackson will live in our hearts forever – Long live the King of Pop.

Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-coo-sa, Yehee!!!


One Response to “What Made Michael Jackson Tick”

  1. My dear Bev,
    what a joy to read your faboulus blog and well done for doing it. You have inspired me to start mine the format of which is in my site but I have deliberately avoided it! It was such fun and soooo insightful reading yours that it has spurred me to share similar joy with those many persons wanting to know about the alluring fashion world.
    I shall make sure the Gill clan and all friends visit your blog.
    Power to the pen!! CG xxx

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