Introducing Reading Your Writes

Reading your Writes  –

I have been a handwriting consultant for 20 years and I love, love, love what I do.   I have been writing a handwriting column for almost nine years; “Reading Your Writes” profiling signatures of  the famous and sometimes the infamous.

I love, love what I do. OK, so I said that already  but I do!!!    The Science of Handwriting is  fascinating.  I hope to share with you many of these profiles  which are both fun and factual.

I am excited about starting this journal. My book “Finding Mr. Write” caused a big stir several years ago so I hope to do the same with this blog.

Watch this space ……


One Response to “Introducing Reading Your Writes”

  1. Bev. Palmer Says:

    Hi Bev

    You ‘love’ what you do – we get it! I ‘love’ what you do too. Thanks for this wonderful insight. I am now going to share this. All I ask is – just keep ‘loving’ it

    Bev. P

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