The Royal Couple – Prince William and Catherine Middleton

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The Royal Couple  – What Makes them tick?

The last time I was this excited about a wedding was August last year when my young cousin

Tied the knot in  swank affair on a massive Estate on the outskirts of London.  She is named after an African Queen and the whole affair was just magical.   


A year later, although not related in any way to the Royal couple I am equally excited.  I  just love weddings.  I was also a big fan of the late Princess Diana, so to see her eldest son all grown up and getting married warms the cockles of my heart.

 So what makes this beautiful couple tick???


What you see is what you get no hidden agenda   Kate’s clear legible script tells us so.

She is ruled by her heart, her signature slants to the right.   A complete optimist the upward t bar tells us so.

An analytical thinker is evident in the formations of her letters n and M.

A good listener her open e demonstrate this.

But she loves to have the last word.  The period at the end of her name shows this.  So watch out William your Princess is no pushover.


Logical practical person who is ruled by his head his vertical signature demonstrates this.

William is Loyal the full stops over his I stems, tells us so.

The Prince is a Quick Thinker and the eligibility of the final letters of the name shows quickness of the mind.

His mother probably taught him to be self reliant; the final letters crossing underneath the name expresses this.

He often makes a decision based on a gut feeling, he is extremely intuitive.  The spacing between letters is clear evidence

A total diplomat whether genetic or otherwise is expressed by the slightly different height of both l’s

Wishing them both an abundance of  Joy and Happiness in your Marriage.   Good Luck!!!


What Makes Sapphire – (Author of Precious) Tick?

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What Makes Sapphire Tick?

I can truly say “I knew her ‘When’”.  It was March 8th 1997  when  I had the privilege to meet Sapphire in London ,  we share the stage  at the International Women’s conference “In Celebration of my Sisters”    when her book PUSH had just been released.  Yes  I was there at the introduction to this  powerful little book and here we are now  14 years later  almost  exactly to the date.  Her  novel   Push became  Precious and   Precious became an awarding major motion picture.   On March 7th  Our beloved Monique took  home the Oscar for best supporting Actress, While  newcomer Gabourey Sidibe  was nominated   Best Actress, along with legendary actresses such Dame Helen Miriam, Myrle Streep, and Sandra Bullock – who actually won for her role in the Blindside. 

I don’t know about you but I have lost count how many awards the movie Precious has garnered.   There were so many , the SAG Awards, The Golden Globes, BAFTA, six at the NAACP Image Award and won in every category at the Spirit Awards.  It definitely takes several years to become an overnight success and the Big S for Sapphire is finally here.  A thousand Congratulations to you all!!!

 So What Makes Sapphire Tick?

The right slant of her signature tells us that she is ruled by her heart.  The loops in the p’s suggests that she is the type of person that gets restless easily if she is stuck behind a desk all day.

The spacing between  her  letters tells us she has an intuitive spirit and often makes decisions based on a gut feeling.  The dot above  the I stem demonstrates a person who stands by her word. 

The hook inside the letter a expresses a person who is cautious and reveals information on “a need to know basis.”

The celebrated author of Push –  Sapphire was born Ramona Lofton and moved around military bases for the first t twelve years of her life from  California to Texas.  As a teenager she lived in South Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  She graduated from City College  in New York and received an MFA from Brooklyn College.  For ten years she lived in Harlem where she taught reading and writing to teenagers and adults.  Sapphire is a performance poet and the author of a collection of poetry and prose, American Dreams.  She lives in New York City.

Fourteen years ago her book Push was sold on the strength of her first 60 pages and there was buzz then of a movie deal. Push is  also the Winner of the Grand Hury Prize and the Audience Aware Sundance Film Festival.

Although this story is not Sapphires’  life story many women walk silently as victims of sexual abuse. We celebrate them as victors and not victims.  For all the Precious souls whose lives have been changed through this experience – Walk with pride and courage.   Congratulations once again Sapphire!!

Celebrating International Womens Day

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It’s that time of year again –  When we celebrate women around the world for all their amazing  achievements.  This will be the first time I am writing my blog  with  no signatures attached.  Their secrets will all be revealed in time.  I’m  on the fly right now and  I just did not want this day to end without acknowledging  International Womens Day –   This day  means sooo much to me as a woman living and working out of three countries.    I am still on my “high”  from last night’s Oscar Awards.

Congratulations to Monique  for best actress in a  supporting role in Precious and another trailblazer Kathryn Bigelow – first woman to win for Best Director in the “Hurt Locker – beating out ex husband James Cameron for the favorite Avatar.  I love when the little movie comes from behind and grabs the prize.  Just like Slumdog Millionaire last year.  Women around the world are so underrepresented and  the Academy  acknowledging  a woman shows another glass ceiling has been broken.

On a personal note I just want to place some names in this blog of women who have  left an indelible mark on my heart and inspired me  over the years.   My sister Jay and my mum  were my first role models –  outside of my family there is  Angela Davis, Winnie Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Guy, Harriett Tubman, Madam C.J. Walker, Grace Jones, Terri McMillan, Zora Neal Hurston, Mary Secole and Michelle Obama.  The past couple of years as I have watched my niece  Captain Jennifer Allen soar in her career,  I cannot complete this list without including her   –   Let’s  continue to sing and dance to the beat of our own drums not just today but every day.

The Extraordinary Professor Rex Nettleford

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My heart aches as I write this blog.  Our nation, the world has just lost one of our cultural icons.  There will never be anyone close to match the Magnificent and extraordinary man  Professor the Hon Rex Nettleford O.M. F.I.J. 

Every time I was in the presence of this honorable man I felt like I needed to curtsey, talk a little softer,  speak only when spoken to – treat him like royalty.   I can honestly say Professor Nettleford is one of the very few people I have asked  his  permission if I can use  his  signature  to analyze,  out of due respect for his Honorable.  It was a question I posed him when   I caught up with him last year at a book signing  in Kingston.   He kindly agreed so with no further a due  let’s find out what Made the Honorable  Professor Netteford tick?

You know the old adage first impressions count –  so I always go with the very first characteristic  I saw  in his script –  Self reliance!! –  The underscore under his name tells me so.  The swiftness of the signature expresses a man who did not  need all the facts.  He grasped ideas and information quickly.   Just tell him Who, Where, Why and When.  A decision could be made quickly on this basis.    No doubt a man of sheer fortitude.    The hooks at the end of his letters such as the letter  ‘g’ and the letter ‘B’  in Blessings, and   the final hook in  the letter  f in his name and the hook in the letter ‘ t’  in my name  –  tells us he was tenacious – holding  strong to his beliefs and ideals.

The vertical stroke of his handwriting shows  he was ruled totally by his head and not his heart.  A logical practical individual.  The I dot close to the stem of the I in the  word ‘Blessings’  demonstrates he had a good eye for detail and was an extremely loyal individual.

An analytical thinker who gathered  the facts  he could  think quickly on his feet – a problem solver rather than a creator of problems.  Sometimes his decision were made based on a gut feeling  because  he was extremely intuitive.   An intuitive spirit also  heightened  his level of creativity.

The semi printed script demonstrates  he was direct and to the point there was no hidden agenda with the Prof.  What you see is what you get.  Sincere and completely a man of integrity.  Prof.  Nettleford was  a  free spirit who was governed by his own set of standards and ethics.

Professor Nettleford   will always be  our Jamaican treasure who hailed from the soil of  Falmouth.   He was a  Renaissance man.  A Pioneer,  an educator, innovator,   author, political analyst  and a former Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University,  social cultural historian  and  Vice Chancellor Emeritus at the University of the West indies. 

After taking an undergraduate  degree in History at the UWI he pursued a post-graduate studies in Politics at oxford.  He is also the founder  and artistic director and principal choreographer of the internationally acclaimed National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica ( just celebrated its 46th anniversary)  and is regarded as a leading Caribbean Authority in the performing Arts.

Beyond the shores of the Caribbean he has served on several international bodies with development and intercultural learning.  He was a founding  governor of the Canada-based International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and International Trustee of the AFS Intercultural based in the USA and former Chairman of the Commonwealth Arts Organization. 

He was a director of the London-based News concern and a former member of the Executive Board of UNESCO.  He served as one of the Group of Experts monitoring the Implementation of Sanctions and other Actions against Apartheid and as member of the West Indian Commission. He was a member of the Casts and Fort Trust Fund – Ghana. – to name just a few of the many hats he wore.

This  blog  cannot really give us the full profile of such an accomplished man.  I will  list just a few  of his awards.   He received the national honor of Order of Merit  in  1975,  the gold Musgrave medal from the Institute of Jamaica and the Living Legend Award from the Black Arts Festival in Atlanta.   In 1994 he received the Zora Neal Hurston-Paul Robeson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement from the National Counsel for Black Studies.   He received  D.Litt from St  John’s University –  USA  DCL, Oxford University (UK  The Presidential Medal – Brooklyn College  The University of Canada LLd,   to name just a few.

 He slipped away 4 hours from his 76th Birthday.   May  he continue to dance, sing and inspire us from above.

Michelle Obama

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Since the new year started I have been wondering who  should I  begin with.   Should it be Muhammad Ali, should it be our President Barrack Obama or should it be our Haitian Ambassador Wycelf Jean?  It occured to me that since I started my blog last July I have only profiled men.  It was not intentional but that just seemed to be the flow of “Reading Your Writes”:  Michael Jackson, Teddy Kennedy, Usain Bolt, and Tiger Woods.  All great in their individual way but let me correct it.  Who better to start  the new year  with  other than the fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama.

From head to toe she is just an shinning specimen of  beauty.  Eyes, Arms,  Hands and Thighs  She turned the fashion world upside down  and has become a fashion icon – making simple accessories such as the  boring belt, a normal sweater and pins the new fashion statement.  She turned heads and caused a stir while in London when meeting the Queen.   The Queen so excited to meet her,  “touched her”  first.  Mrs.  Obama has turned the White House into the people’s house.  I expect to get my invitation at some point,  so I m not worried in the least that I have not met her yet.

What Makes the First Lady tick?

First Lady Michelle Obama is Confident – the large M tells us so.   The handwriting slanting to the right demonstrates that she is ruled by her heart and not her head.    The spacing between her letters  expresses that  she is a generous person who needs her own space.  The I dot close to the stem tells us that   she has a good eye for detail and is a very loyal individual.     She   is an  analytical thinker  who needs to know why to each question.  For every statement presented to her  –  her mind is ticking away at the problem and how to solve it.  She is a Doer!!!  But most  often she doesn’t  need to have all facts  she can  often make  a decision based on her gut feeling,  she is extremely intuitive.    The legible signature expresses  –  What you see is what you get.    No hidden agenda with this First Lady.  She will be direct, open and a person of integrity.

Mrs. Obama came from humble beginnings and was raised in the South Side of Chicago with her older brother Craig Robinson.  She is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard law School.     On January 17th she celebrated her 46th birthday.  This time last year she stood with pride beside   the 44th president of the United States as he was being sworn in. 

 Michelle Obama is such an accomplished lady that  this blog cannot do her justice.   I am sure there will be a mountain of  books written about her in years to come. I just wanted to introduce her from another perspective.    She is the new “It” Girl”  on the front of almost every magazine as if she is a model.   She is a model person and I personally call her the “S” girl.  Substance,  Style and Stunning.

In the meantime indulge  and watch the First Lady and the President of the United States of America take their first dance at  the  Neighborhood Inauguration Ball  last year– Just Google:  “U-Tube -First Dance – At last”.  And you can relive that  first dance .   

Be prepared to be inspired, informed and intrigued –    2010 is going to be one hell of a year –  I promise you

National Handwriting Week- January 23rd – 30th

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OMG  –  I cannot believe I let yesterday slip by and I did not honor National Handwriting Day!!  How can I have a handwriting blog and not celebrate such an important day?  It is actually John Hancock’s birthday too.  Anyway the extravagant side of  my personality tells me to extend the day to a week.  So  celebrate with me the power of  the pen.

Go out and treat yourself to a new writing instrument  –  the Montblanc pens are my favorite,    or buy some fancy stationery there is plenty out there.  Write a little note to someone very special, Don’t wait until Valentine’s day, or if you have not had a chance to read my book on handwriting signed copies are available on my website

Ok,  let me know what takes your fancy from my suggestions above.   All this hype  about new  technology –  let’s do the write thing and keep the art of handwriting alive.

What Makes Tiger Tick?

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What Makes Tiger Tick???      

I am sorry I have been so delinquent with my blog. I know you are waiting to see who I may reveal next. I have so many signatures to share with you and I promise to do better in the New Year. However, I could not resist closing the year with someone fabulous, fantastic and  fascinating and all of a sudden whose personal life has become fodder for the media.

Ok as if you haven’t read and heard enough about Tiger Woods these past few weeks. Here is a fresh Approach – Another slant of his personality through his pen stroke and not his putt. This is no duplication, no speculation  No  words of  more women coming out of the wood  works – just good old fashion scientific facts. Only what I see beneath my microscope will be revealed.

What makes Tiger Tick??
Tiger has very small handwriting. The biggest misconception about small handwriting is that it reveals stinginess or low self-esteem. – Totally wrong – quite the contrary. Small handwriting in fact, tells us that individuals such as Tiger Woods posses a very high level on concentration. He is both intense and highly productive.
His handwriting slants to the right which expresses he is a ‘heart’ man, he is ruled totally by his emotions. He may give off this cool and aloof exterior of a logical practical person but he is all heart and his emotions run deep inside. The I dot shows that he has a good eye for detail.  The t bar crossed at the top and upwards tells us he is highly goal orientated and a complete optimist.  The illegible signature expresses he plays his cards close to his chest only a few will really know and understand  the true Tiger. The long lower loop in the letter demonstrates  his high level of energy and stamina.

The upper slender loop in the d defines a man who is extremely sensitive to criticism. The circled W shows he is very protective of the people around him. The loop in the middle of the  W warns us that behind the calm exterior he has a tendency to worry more than is necessary. I always wondered what this worry loop was in this billion dollar signature. – He really has plenty to worry about at the moment.
On December 16th Tiger Woods was voted Athlete of the Decade. He received more votes than Lance Armstrong who came in second. Tiger Woods has won 64 worldwide victories and more PGA tour titles in the past decade. This four-time Master holder, 3 times US Open and 4 times PGA winner has taken the game of Golf to a new whole new level. Having won at the early age of 21 he has given the sport a new and improved look by bridging the generation gap. No longer is the game of Golf just part of the old boy network.

However, he is a Master in disguise and tried to juggle too many balls at once. He has suddenly bounced out of the game taking the backdoor approach .  He should  really just come clean and face the music and play the field that he knows and loves so well. Tiger your salacious scandal will soon sink into oblivion – Don’t worry the public has a short memory. I am sure Tiger will get his groove back and come out swinging – so you made a slip or two or three…  but whose counting??  but really no one wants a player who withdraws too soon.  I know for sure he’ll be back a bigger better  billion dollar athlete – a renewed  Tiger Woods – Stick with what you know best – Your signature style as an exceptional Golfer!!!